ISO 9001


ISO 9001, the most frequently used quality standard worldwide, was under revision a few years ago, and the new version was published at the end of 2015.

Why is ISO 9001 revised?

Each standard is evaluated every few years, to check if updates are necessary according to the economic and technological requirements of the market. The ISO 9001:2015 edition, takes into account the technological impetus of recent years, diversity of activities on the market and global trade.  

ISO 9001:2015 has to:

  • Offer a set of quality requirements for the next 10 years,  
  • Take into account the changes which appeared in the practices of management systems and the technological evolution on the market,
  • Remain a generic quality standard, applied to all types of organizations and activities, including the new ones which appeared since the last edition,  
  • Maintain focus on efficiency of the management process and the capacity to generate quality goods and services.



What to expect from ISO 9001:2015 implementation with our team?

Together with quality management representatives, we will we go through, among others:

  • Quality management system is guided by the four key steps as follows: Plan, Do, Check, Act;
  • Creating, implementing, and maintaining a Quality Management System for your company,
  • Define quality policy and quality objectives, which together define the overall scope and implementation;
  • ”Management of relations”: For a sustainable success, the organizations manage their relationships with stakeholders, such as suppliers;
  • Create the mandatory and additional processes and procedures necessary for your organization to properly create and deliver quality products /services;
  • The approach of risks: Identification of risks and opportunities, planning and application of actions which tackle identified risks and opportunities;
  • The ten chapters: Scope; Normative References; Terms and definitions; Background of Organization; Leadership; Planning; Support; Operation; Evaluation of performance; Improvement;
  • Collect the records necessary to go to the next steps: internal audit and get certified.

What does ISO 9001:2015 mean for my organization?

The continuous improvement of quality of services, production is a constant goal which any company should undertake, with the conscience that the quality never represents an end process, but a process under continuous development and expansion. The Certification ISO 9001 attests the general performance level of the company, the fulfilment degree of policy adopted and objectives established, transparency and efficiency of internal processes of the organization.  

SMS Business Center provides consultancy for obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, a certificate with a complex structure, adapted to the specificity of each company and which requires detailed preparation, based on well-defined parameters. Nowadays, the ISO 9001 quality management system is guided by the four key steps as follows: Plan, Do, Check, Act. The elaboration of an action plan in activity as well as the adoption of efficient measures for improvement of the process are equally important in order to actively and systematically maintain the system at the competitive requirements on the market. The advantages of the ISO 9001 certification system are highlighted both on short term by the efficient monitoring of production based on the quality parameters and on the long term, which allows the elaboration of prospective organizational policies. 

The consultancy services provided by the specialists of SMS Business Center are prior to the audit of the company for obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, but they assure in overwhelming proportion the success of the enterprise you want to achieve. We are able to evaluate the general performance of the company reached at a given time, and to make estimates regarding its future evolution and to provide advice for the vulnerable fields and actions which need to be taken next. The edification of a well-completed ISO 9001 quality management system  represents the guarantee permit for your company for years to come!  

For a consultancy price quotation for ISO 9001 certification (and pending promotions), please send us a message using the contact form.


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